Saturday and Sunday

Not much happening over the last week if you don’t count my truck having a massive mechanical failure last Sunday and Monday. Seems my starter went out just in time for an ice storm in northern Illinois. At first I thought it was dead batteries so last Sunday I had to get a jump twice then I moved to Momence for my delivery and made the mistake of turning off my truck for a nap. Well, I woke up to a dead truck and heavy rain/ice. So with no heat and power I had to wait for 2 hours for a jump only to find out my starter was out. Another 3 hours wait in the now ice and cold and I was bundled up like a mummy, finally the repair truck showed up and pull started my truck and I got to drop my trailer, while doing this I stepped into a deep ice cold slushy puddle and soaked my boots and feet..great, now I’m totally miserable but I have the truck going and some heat. But wait it gets better, as I’m changing my wet socks and boots the truck shuts off AGAIN! By now its late afternoon and I have to wait another 3 hours for another pull start, this time I head right out for Monee and the Perto Truckstop to get a new starter installed. This was probably the worst 48 hours in the last 20 years of driving. But I’m back on the road and moving, I went from Illinois to Ohio and from there to Texas where I sit today. Tomorrow its down to New Caney Texas then hopefully back to Tennessee for some much needed off time.
I did manage a couple pics while waiting for the tow truck, I took these last Monday.





6 responses to “Saturday and Sunday

  1. Reminds me of spending time, middle of the night, freezing, trying to get sleep in my fathers 1960 buick, Rt 17, NY State, as a snowstorm covered my car- my first experience overnioght cross country driving. But at least the car started afterwards! M 🙂

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