Hope Ya’ll Like Things That Fly and I Don’t Mean Birds…..

On Friday I visited the National Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio and I became an 8 year old kid all over again. On Friday alone I took 1400 pics and kept 1080 of them. It was a real challenge to get good pics in low light but I managed quite well. I’m heading back this morning with my tripod and try for some better pics and maybe another day on Monday, I can’t get enough of this place, its AWESOME!

So to start things off lets go back to 1909 with the Wright Military Flyer. As I go we will visit from WWI to WW2 and Korea, Vietnam into the Cold War era and beyond 100 plus years of Military Aviation.




13 responses to “Hope Ya’ll Like Things That Fly and I Don’t Mean Birds…..

  1. Its changes alot since then and they are adding a 4th hanger, It should be all done by the summer of 2016. It will house all the presidential planes and the Research planes. 🙂

  2. I was there back in the 80’s and have some photos I took with with a 35mm film camera. The day I went there was a special guest on the tarmac for us: The U2. I did not get any photos of it but I do remember the announcement over the public address system say that it would arrive in California in 45 minutes as it taxed for take off from Dayton. It took me a 1/2 hour to get to my hotel 20 or so miles away from the museum for a comparison as how fast this beast can fly. Now where did I put them…..

  3. I have tons of pics and I’m heading back this morning with my tripod, the WW1 and WW2 galleries were a bit dark, with the tripod I should be able to get better pics.. 🙂

  4. They have a U2 there now but its hanging from the ceiling of the hanger and is a pain in the butt to get a pic of. I’m heading back in today with my tripod maybe I can get a better pic. 🙂

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