Over the Hill??

Well its April 18th and 50 years ago I came kicking into this world. Yep, I’m a half a century old and still act like an 18 year old, I did’nt shave for a few days and found a bit of grey in the old chin whiskers…YECH!!!! I spent the last day in my 40’s yesterday on the river with my cameras doing what I like best… hunting wildflowers and had a blast, I took over 900 pics and after culling the file I still have over 500 left, it was a good day. Today is going to be kind of quiet till this afternoon when my brother Jason and his better half come to my folks house for dinner which will be prime rib with baked potatoes and a nice fresh spinach salad. After that its a Lemon Bunt cake, my favorite, mom spoils me too much.. 😉
Well its back to editing pics.

Mom took this pic yesterday before I could wake up with some morning joe…


And for kicks, here is me clowning around as a 6 month old, my mom made the costume for my first haloween.. 🙂



15 responses to “Over the Hill??

  1. Happy belated birthday Ed! Sounds like you spent your last days in the 40’s wisely. And there’s always more hills, the advantage of living on a round planet. 😉

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