C.S.I. Ocala

Last night I was only 300 meters from making a delivery in Ocala Florida when I encountered a police roadblock, at first I thought great an accident at the receiver, no such luck. Just prior to my arrival there was a drive by shooting at a house just down the road from where I was and the crime scene was the road and the house. Luckily these bozos could not hit the broadside of a barn but they did hit the house numerous times but on one was injured in the home. Alas the police had to process the crime scene and I had to wait about 3 hours before the road opened up. Luckily I’m a patient person.. 🙂

The first two pics are of the police presence, at one time there was 8 squad cars from both the Ocala city police and the county sheriffs department.



The next pic is kind of interesting, about 2 hours into the festivities the police got another drive by shooting call and half the cars took off and I got a shot of the C.S.I. vehicle and the paper bags and markers showing the shell casings, there were 35 in all according to the deputy I chatted up.


On a side note the deputy and Ocala local policeman I talked to said there has been an increase of gang on gang violence in the last few months. You won’t see the media here or Al Sharpton condeming the violence and calling for justice, its black on black violence and not worth the time. No protesters proclaiming black lives matter when in fact all lives matter.

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