Tanks for the Memories

Still working on my new pics from my off time in Mobile Alabama at the Battleship park. So not only did they have the U.S.S. Alabama and the U.S.S. Drum, they also have a nice collection of Armor on display as well as an Iraqi T-55 that was captured in Kuwait during the first gulf war back in 1991. I’ll give a quick description after each pic.

First we have the venerable LVPT-7 also known as the “AMTRAC” this was used to deliver supplies as well as 35 fully epuipted Marines from ship to shore. This particular model was used in the 1960s through the 1980s.

This is an interesting find, its labeled as a M-113 APC “Armored Personel Carrier” but its actually an XM-113 and was an experimental version of the modern M-113 which was developed in the late 1950s.

This is an M-42 “Duster” originally designed as an anti aircraft gun platform with twin 40mm guns it was used in Vietnam for clearing the jungle of massed enemy troops.

This is the M60A1 Main Battle Tank, developed in the 1970s its still in use in some countries, I believe I was a couple in use on the news by the Turkish Army.

This is the M26 “Pershing” It was developed at the end of WW2 and saw use during the Korean war.

Now this is a classic! The M4 “Sherman” this was the most produced tank during WW2 and was in use by various countries till the late 1960’s mostly in the Firefly variant in the Isreali Army. The one shown has no barrel or gun mantle on the turret which is facing backward.

This is the M48 “Patton” which was used in the Vietnam conflict and later replaced by the M60, lots of these were sold to Isreal to replace old M4s.

And last but not least we have the T-55, a mass produced generic tank from the former Soviet Union and dispursed to all its satelite countries in the late 1950s though the early 1960s and this particular one was in the service of the Iraqi army in 1991 and was abandoned when coalition forces took Kuwait back and was shipped back to the U.S. as a trophy of sorts.


4 responses to “Tanks for the Memories

  1. As a retired Army guy, I love this kind of posting. Thanks for the explanations, though, because I would have been able to identify only a couple of the systems.

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