U.S.S. Drum Part II

On Tuesday I did a simple pic of this beautiful WW2 Submarine at the Battleship park in Mobile Alabama, now for the rest of the story and pics.

Picture in your mind, its WW2 and you are on the Drum on patrol in the pacific and hunting the enemy spending most of the time submerged and breathing regenerated air and wondering when and if you will be discovered by Japanese destroyers armed with depth charges. The first thing you would have to get used to are the smells, unwashed bodies and feet, the various gases and diesel fumes. Then there are the sounds, mumbling of sailors, the pings and dings of the pressure created and buckling of the metal plates and various other sounds that accompany living in cramped quarters. Most of the time its very tedious and boring but then the sonar pings indicate a ship on the horizon and the captain takes the boat up to 20 feet below the surface for a quick look through the periscope. 3000 meters away a Jap transport ship is making its way some destination not knowing death lurks so close. Deciding to engage the Captain orders the forward tubes to load 2 Mk4 torpedos and wait for the order to fire, the boat closes the gap. Now only 1000 meters and the order is given to fire and the Captain sets his stopwatch, time to impact if a hit should be only a few seconds……… Boom! After a short wait the Captain raises the boat to the surface to record the damage, its total. The Cargo ship was hauling Ammunition for the Japanese Army. The Drum records its 3rd kill of this patrol, just another day for the crew, mission accomplished.





















4 responses to “U.S.S. Drum Part II

  1. Nice presentation, Ed. Those must have been fearsome places to work during combat between the external and internal stresses you have described in your words and pictures.

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