Skywatch Friday

Its been awhile since I did a Skywatch post so I decided to get off the flower fridays for a bit and save some pics for winter. So, on Tuesday evening I was in Edwardsville Illinois across the Mississippi from St. Louis and there was quite a light show to the north. I got chased back into my truck a couple of times due to the rain but I did manage a few nice lightning shots… 🙂








9 responses to “Skywatch Friday

  1. Wonderful shots of the lightning, Ed. Do you leave the shutter open for long exposures or wait for the flash of lightning? I’ve never figured out the timing sequence to get shots like these.

  2. Hey, can we say these are truly ‘shocking’ pictures. Hard to come up with an adjective for such fine images.

  3. I start in shutter mode with a 10-20 sec exposure, ISO varies from 100-400 and white balance is either auto or sunny and manual with the lens focused on infinity… 🙂
    tripod mounted of course.

  4. Ed, I’m not disappointed – great shots. When I shoot fireworks – similar to lightning. I set my f stop to bulb and use a remote shutter release. If you leave the shutter open you might get multiple flashes lightning in the same image, as I did with the fireworks. The rest of your settings sound good. I hope this additional information help. Oh, YouTube also has a number of tutorials on photographing lightning

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