Flower Friday

Tired of macros yet??? This weeks FF is from wildflowers I found in Gary Indiana while my truck was in the shop, and still is. Back on Tuesday I got a rental car and drove to West Memphis Arkansas to pick up a newer truck, anyway here a re a few wildflowers I found while walking around the perimiter of our operating center. Also as a note all the pics this week, bugs and flowers were from Gary Indiana..:-)








11 responses to “Flower Friday

  1. awww I love the idea of flower friday 🙂 are there rules; and are they difficult? I could flowers every day.

  2. may I join in, I love flowers;
    I love birds too, but I find flowers easier to photograph 🙂

  3. No problem, the more the merrier. I post mine on Fridays,,,hence the name. The challenge comes in Nov through Feb.. 😉

  4. I have a strong need to say but it’s June;
    this need is born of puzzlement y’know 😀

    lol are you pulling my leg 😀

  5. It is june but in a 5 months it will be a bit chillier and not so many flowers to photograph, well you may do better in Arizona..:-)

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