Sunday Stills: Medical Things

For this challenge I’m using some archive pics from Fort Loudoun Tennessee. Ft. Loudoun was a british fort in use during the French Indian War. There are a few re-enactors there and a big rendevous with lots of re-enactors in September. So here id the garrison hospital….and a nurse, the doc was away.










6 responses to “Sunday Stills: Medical Things

  1. Is the outside as well reconstructed as the aid station/operating room? The heroic red coats had a lot to contend with in accepting the King’s shilling. Those poor guys were as isolated from the east coast as the easterners were from England. That was a scary place to under go an amputation.

  2. As a (very) amateur photographer, I often look at the photo’s before reading the words….. I
    started off thinks….. aah are they Amish….. then I saw the ‘instruments’, thinks….. wurrgh scarey, what kind of people are these…. do I need scarper outta here quick….
    that’ll teach me for looking at the photo’s before I read the words! 😀

  3. oh me too! I’m also rather glad to find those were not pics of your home and life lol phew 😀

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