So I can insert old pics…

It seems that even though I can’t upload new pics to wordpress I can use my old pics from my archive library. Maybe I should upgrade to wordpress premium?


6 responses to “So I can insert old pics…

  1. Your media library represents the vast bulk of your storage allocation I suspect – very normal. So yes, reallocating an existing file to a new post is more than likely fine. I am approaching my limit too (free bit) and am thinking about hosting the photos elsewhere, such as Flickr, so I dont need to but space, but retain control over my work.

    Lovely shot by the way 🙂

  2. Something else is going on with WordPress’ editing window anyway. Suddenly about a week ago, I discovered that I can no longer post a picture in my editor and then adjust its size by percentage the way I used to. And there’s no option to put a frame around it anymore. And worse yet, there’s no longer any option for pasting a document from Word or Open Office format right into the editor. These have been standard features on all my blog themes ever since I started on WordPress, but now everything’s messed up. So I don’t know if that is connected in some way with your situation or if it’s just having used up your allotted space. I have tons of picture in my media library — many of them very large — but I can still upload everything I try to put in.

  3. Beautiful shot, Ed. I suppose I need to check to see if I am near my limit too. It’s nice to see that you are able to post photos, even if they are not new ones.

  4. Have you tried deleting several pictures from your media library (some that are saved elsewhere, of course)? If you do that and it lets you upload more, then you will know for sure that it’s an allotted space situation.
    (Or maybe you already do know and I missed that post on your page. If so, sorry).

  5. I’ve only used about 50% of my available space so I don’t think its a space problem. I’m blaming windows 8 solely for my problems and on Friday I’m replacing it with windows 7.

  6. That sounds like a good idea. I had thought perhaps my browser was the cause of my problems — thinking there had been updates somewhere that changed stuff I wasn’t aware of. But I tried a second browser on the same blogs, and it had the same problems. So I think my problem is actually from the WordPress system.

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