This SUCKS!!!!!

I still can’t upload pics, I think I have a malware infestation on my laptop and am being somehow jammed. I have massive popups by some a-holes at saveclicker and I need to get a anti-malware program installed…any ideas who is safe to use?
I hope I can get this fixed soon, not being able to put up photos on a photo blog just plain blows..


12 responses to “This SUCKS!!!!!

  1. I use the AVG free version. It is excellent. I’ve had it for years and it has caught many attempts. It’s FREE. It’s GOOD!!! 🙂

  2. I was going to suggest just what Dawn did. Since we have started using Avast on all our computers and smart phones, we have been able to get rid of anything that has come at us. The free version is fine and highly recommended by Kim Komando, who says several good free programs are better than the popular pay ones. Good luck!

  3. Before I switched to Mac, I used Ad-Aware and had good luck with it. Also, AVG worked well. Good luck!

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