Another Very Short Story…….

It was a perfect morning, I had a steaming cup of Chase and Sandborn coffee and the morning paper open to the sports page when the phone rang. Hello, is this Max? I replied with a quick yep and a man with a german accent asked if he could meet with me, he had a problem and he needed my help, I’m your man I replied and we set up a meeting at the Excalibur hotel for the next day. It seemed Dr. Otto Schmidt had gotten away from work with some important paperwork that he needed to get to the feds, no problemo. I got the room and arranged for Dr. Schmidt to meet at 10 a.m. I was only waiting for an hopur when there was a knock at the door, who is it I asked and in a greman accent a voice replied its me Dr. Schmidt. Come on in I said as I removed my venerable Colt .45 from my shoulder rig. The door opened and a diminutive old man entered the room and announced he was Dr. Otto Schmidt and he had some info for the feds, before he could say another word I heard the tinkle of glass and watched in amazement as a pink mist puffed from behind Dr. Schmitd’s head and he fell to the carpet. I looked at the glass, at the hole then at the body on the floor, well thats 2 for 2 I thought as I jumped up and ran through the door and down the hall thinking just how the heck am I going to make any money, this really stinks……… The End?


4 responses to “Another Very Short Story…….

  1. I’m always worried when a story begins with words like, “It was a perfect morning,” for I know that the perfection will soon be destroyed…and it was. Cool little story with a retro vibe.

  2. Nice. Brought back memories of Ellery Queen and Bogart. Nice touch with the coffee, I think I’ll go get a cup!

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