A Short Story

It was one of those cliché dark and stormy nights, I was waiting to meet a new client under an awning in the recesses of a business on main street. The pitter patter of the rain on the awning was starting to lull me into a false sense of security as I waited. My name is Max Reed and I’m a private investigator. I was to meet the client at 10 p.m. and right in time through the rain I saw the figure approaching in the rain and as a pre arranges signal I lit a lucky with the snap of my zippo. My fedora kept the rain at bay and my smoke dry, the figure saw the light and veered across the street narrowly missing being hit by a passing cab. I looked up into the eyes of an angel, she had hair so blond it looked like sunshine and eyes so green they looked like emeralds. Are you Max she asked in a husky voice and I replied yep. She started to say something when a dark sedan pulled up to the curb and a shot rang out, she slumped in my arms and the car roared off into the night. I looked down to see a rapidly spreading dark spot on her back and looked into her lifeless eyes. I lowered her to the steps of the portico, stood up and walked away thinking, well that sucked….. The End.


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