Going too far…….

Look, I know they are rich and popular but this is branding gone too far. From kids underwear to tee shirts, from duct tape to flashlights, I’m sick of seeing these redneck douchbags faces on EVERYTHING! Wal-Mart is the biggest seller of this made in China crap, and yes 95% of all the products I found with their fecal logos on it was made in China and they claim to be all American….Yeah Right. SO a few days ago I was once again in a Wally World and found this. I’m not going to buy it to try it, I’d rather give away the money to a drug addict. The label does not even say the vineyard where it comes from, it just says made in California, I’m thinking the Boones Farm line of fine wines taste better, or maybe Mad Dog 20/20…..


2 responses to “Going too far…….

  1. I agree, at first I thought the show was cute, entertaining, now I am just like whatever, really, and all the crap in the stores. I really dislike reality tv shows, period.

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