Where to Start? Oh Yeah…WARBIRDS!

Monday was a great day, I got to do my favorite thing….. explore! And explore I did, I love climbing around old ships and the U.S.S. Yorktown is a perfect start. This beauty was launched in 1943 after the original Yorktown was sunk in the Battle of Midway. The new Yorktown saw action in the pacific then during the Korean conflict then in the early years of the Vietnam conflict. Her final mission in 1968 was the recovery of the Mercury 8 capsule. So here are some of the famous carrier based warbirds that were stationed on the Yorktown during her service.
The first plane is the Sky Raider, a ground attack plane that saw action in both Korea and Viet Nam. The second is my favorite plane of all time, the F4U Corsair. This beauty saw action in both WW2 and Korea.
The next two planes were famous for being dive bombers and sinking 4 Japanese carriers at the battle of Midway. First is the Dauntless Devastator followed by the Avenger.
The next pics are of various fighters that were used to protect the dive bombers from enemy fighters and to try to take out kamikaze attacks.

On April 18 1942 the only carrier launched bombers ever took off to hit the Japanese main land, commanded by Jimmy Doolittle while only moderately effective the bombing run showed the Imperial war machine they were not safe. All the B-25’s were to fly to Manchuria after their run and link up with the Chinese, some made it, some didn’t, some were captured by the Japanese after ditching their planes. This B-25 is hanging just above the snack bar in the tail of the Yorktown’s hanger deck.
And last but not least is me standing in front of the Skyraider…
Tomorrow I might take ya’ll up to the flight deck to see some more modern jets that are on display. This was one cool visit!

11 responses to “Where to Start? Oh Yeah…WARBIRDS!

  1. I know you were in 7th heaven! These bring back memories for me- I kept scrapbooks of aircraft pics of RAF, RCAF & US. Thanks for the tour!

  2. Nice, I love seeing aircraft of that era! Vehicles and ships as well. You have some great angel of the static displays that I think enhances your images. My favorite plain is the Grumman TBF Avenger in your images. I just visited the Intrepid Museum in New York City this past December. Some day I wound love to venture dawn and see the U.S.S. Yorktown. Great stuff – thank you for sharing, Michael 🙂

  3. The Intrepid is on my list but I really don’t want to go to NYC. While the Avenger and the Dauntless are very cool my fave has always been the F4U Corsair has been my all time favorite flyer..:-)

  4. It is a great plain, very different from the rest of plains at that time with that gull wing it has but affective. It ranks up there as one of my favorites as well. the Intrepid museum was not that difficult to get too by my reprise. As you, I do not like going to the big city as well. I made a post about it back in early December of last year, if your interested. Its not put together as well as your but it dose have about 30 images. Anyway,have a great day – Michael 🙂

  5. No problem, feel free to reblog any of my military posts. I also did a nice series from the U.S.S. Lexington in Charleston South Carolina back in January. And I have posted on the Battleship U.S.S. Texas which supported the landings on D-Day.

  6. I will honored to reblog some of your posts.
    My father-in-law was a truck driver.

  7. I really enjoyed seeing these planes and the USS Yorktown. I have some of the same pictures from when we visited there. Thank you for sharing yours.

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