Two Quick Shots

I have spent the last 3 days in Charleston South Carolina visiting some historical sites and just being a kid again. On Monday I went to Patriots Point, the home of the aircraft carrier Yorktown in servive from WW2 to Vietnam, the U.S.S. Laffey a WW2 Destroyer and the submarine Calamagore which was a post WW2/Cold War vessel. Then in the afternoon I took a ferry out to Ft. Sumpter for some Civil War History. I did nothing on Tuesday but yesterday I went to Ft. Moultrie and that was pretty cool since it was a fort from the revoloutionary war to WW2, lots of history there and more on that later. Anyway I shot 2000+ pics and am trying to edit them, almost as much fun as taking them. Here are a couple pics with a lot more to come.
The best part of the Yorktown was all the carrier based planes on display in the hanger section, when I was a kid a did models of all these planes and it was fun to get to see the actual planes.
My Wordless Wednesday pic was taken on the flight deck of the Yorktown at sunset..




2 responses to “Two Quick Shots

  1. Very nice series of images. It is nice to see the Yorktown preserved. You said that you like the Corsair. On my blog is a picture I took of one in the collection of the Air Museum in Tillamook, Oregon. This and other planes are housed in the WWII blimp hanger that held 8 blips. The structure is made of wood. Here is picture I took from inside. Have fun and I’ll forward to more pictures.

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