Hangin’ with my Dad…

While 1968 was a turbulent year for the rest of the country, Viet Nam was in full swing on the other side of the world, we lost two great leaders and all hell broke loose during anti-draft riots but in Urbana Illinois all I wanted to do was spend time on the monkey bars with my dad, life seemed so easy when you are 3. The yellow house in the background was our house on Easy street, literally..:-)


7 responses to “Hangin’ with my Dad…

  1. Awesome capture Bro! You look so cute.. but seems really a tough nut even at that age. such a wonderful memory 😀
    Btw Di managed to take that shot??

  2. Very cute! I remember those monkey bars. I was born in ’68, so it was a pretty good year for me, too. 🙂

  3. Life is so much better when you’re upside down! I had great fun on those monkey bars. And you were determined to get on the thing with me. How much the world (and we) have changed. And you are still cute!

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