Black and White Tuesday: Street Scenes

I figured on Saturday to practice my street photography. I still have not got over my timid demeanor when it comes to asking folks if I can take their pic so I just shoot from afar….




4 responses to “Black and White Tuesday: Street Scenes

  1. Beautiful shots. If people know that they are being photographed sometimes they tense up so the natural rhythm goes away, I think these shots are much more natural when people are not conscious that they are being photographed. Well done.

  2. Wonderful shots, Ed. Like you, I am not sure that I could use the in-your-face approach favored by many street photographers–many use a 50mm lens. Your approach worked great despite the fact that your lens and dSLR may have made you stick out a bit.

  3. Beautiful, Ed! B&W intensifies the effect & tugs at the emotions. I think you have a new area of imagery to explore. And Merry Christmas!

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