Veterans Day

 To all the veterans out there from all over the world, thanks for your service.

This is me in the dork glasses waaaaaay back in 1987 when I was stationed with the 25th Infantry Division in Hawaii, the chap next to me was my team leader Cpl Baltzell.

ME&CPL.BALTZEL APR87 1YEAR IN THE ARMY Now for some relitives who served in the military from the 1800’s to the 1950’s

BERNE NORTON USMC 1919Here is my Great Grandfather Berne Norton, he served in the Marine Corps in 1918-1919 from my mums side of the family.

DAD IN GERMANYAnd here is my dad, the rear stretcher bearer, he was a medic  with the U.S. Army in Germany in 1957-1959 I think.

GRAMPA WALLY 1942 2ND FROM RT.Second from the right is my Grandfather, my dads dad who served in the Canadian Army with the Queens Own Rifles in 1942.

And the last two chaps are rellies from my dads side of the family whi served in the British Army in the 1800’s

David Carter with the Bedfordshire Regiment 16th Foot and Richard Bradshaw of the Seaforth Highlanders. Richard is in the top pic.

1880s-richard-bradshaw DAVID CARTER BEDFORSHIRE RGT. 16TH FOOT c.1880


6 responses to “Veterans Day

  1. It was 1957-1959. Maybe one day we will no longer have to send our young men off to war and send them off to peace instead.
    ps- the guy on the stretcher smiled the whole time as we ran 20 yards and walked 20 more in practice for the real thing.

  2. Very impressive history Ed. And We all honor and respect our military heroes, and I wish nations of the world stop this business of war where so many precious lives are lost. Those who survive the wartime are scarred forever sometimes. I wish for peace and tranquility in the world. Great photos you have shared with us, thanks for this.

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