A Ghost Story for Halloween

Waaaaaay back in late August of 2009 I decided to visit the New Market Battlefield in northern Virginia, the battle of New Market was a small battle during the American Civil War and included the cadets of the Virginia Military Institute, a school where the sons of the south got a great education and some got comissions into the army, the most famous teacher in the early 1860’s was a general Thomas”stonewall” Jackson.

So I arrived at the gate to the battlefield around 5 a.m. and the gate was closed until 7a.m. so I got out my laptop and did some work, soon I noticed a deer in the road behind my truck and thought cool and got out the camera and tripod and when I sighted in the deer disapeared into a little dip in the road, bummer. I put away the camera and went back to the laptop when in the side mirror the deer appeared again and I hopped out with the camera again and sighted in and noticed this time is was someone walking on the road toward me and before I could sight in they disappeared into the dip in the road again. I watched for a minute and they did’nt come out of the dip in the road. This time I left the camera out and climbed back in the truck but watched out the side mirror and sure enought the figure appeared again and just walked back and forth across the road, never getting closer and never going back down the road away from me, that was odd. I got back out the truck and got behind the camera and the figure again disappeared into the dip in the road. Now I’m getting a bit annoyed that someone was playing with me so I set the camera on manual focus and the shutter with the IR remote. I focused in on the yellow lines in the road at the top of the dip and got back in the truck and waited, and waited and then the figure came back again and POW I let loose with the IR remote and got a bunch of pics of my mysterious visitor. As I got back out of the truck again the sun was coming up and the figure disappeared again into the dip and did’nt come back out again.

WhenI got the pics off the camera I saw a figure, not quite in focus but you could tell they were in some type of uniform and since there were no re-enactments at the time I thought it was odd, the road was in focus but not the figure. I was pretty excited and sent the pics to my folks who did some quick research and found there was a cadet killed in the battle named Pvt William McDowell who before the battle buried his prized gold pocket watch his dad had given him before going to the V.M.I. As I later found out, the dip in the road was approximatly where the V.M.I cadets camped before the battle….spooky.

I have not been back to New Market since that day, I would like to but I’ll have to make special arrangements to get a delivery close to there, I’d like to go back to see if Pvt. William McDowell still visits that dip in the road…

Just a quick note* When I asked about ghosts of New Market at the visitors center the two guys there gave me odd looks and clamed up. I guess they have seen him too but did’nt want to let on…

I used my Nikon D80 f:4.3 Iso 800 in shutter mode with my Sigma 175-500mm tele maced out at 500mm. Distance to target was approx. 1/4 mile

Here are two decent pics of the “figure in the road” and one of McDowells headstone

You decide..:-)

**** Use of these pics without my permission in publication is prohibited, verbotten..:-)

DSC_0737 DSC_0739 DSC_0758 DSC_0768


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