Macro Monday: Nightshade

I was in a Burger King parking lot Saturday when I noticed this beauty climbing out of a hedge, it was Nightshade and I could not believe it was still blooming this late in October in Allentown Pennsylvania. But then on Sunday I was on a walk around our terminal in Carlisle Pennsylvania and I noticed and took several pics of other wildflowers still in bloom too, I guess no hard freezes yet so they keep on going till then.

The first of is of the plant itself then the macros..:-)

DSC_9931 DSC_9935.JPGaa DSC_9961.JPGsss


5 responses to “Macro Monday: Nightshade

  1. Nice to see some color…we are already drab here…not looking forward to Winter one little bit…however we are getting beautiful blue skies and cool crisp temps, excellent for riding…..Yay no bugs!!!! Once a Canadian …always a Canadian, your Dad looked lost in thought.Loved all the flower pics.

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