Sunday Stills: Birds…….of Prey

I did take new bird pics this week but decided to keep with a theme for my bird pics this weeks challenge. After 5 days of bird posts I was hoping to have enough pics to do this and found out I still have not done seabirds, so I may do them some time next week, its been fun doing birdy posts..:-)

So without further delay here are some high speed hunters of the air and two voracious hunters of the ground, one from Africa which I took at the zoo and one from Arizona which I took in a parking lot, he was chasing lizards, and not of the lot variety….

CC3 DSC_0017 DSC_0205 DSC_0433 DSC_0450 DSC_6892 DSC_7196 DSC_7763 DSC_8106 H5 3-25-08 HARRIS HAWK3 5-15-07 PHOENIX RR3 4-6-07 SCREECH OWL2 5-15-07


13 responses to “Sunday Stills: Birds…….of Prey

  1. I am always impressed by the power and the beauty of birds of prey and your shots are really cool. Hawks are a kind of nemesis for me–I see them fairly regularly, but have not yet been able to get a really good shot of one. It’s interesting that you have included a roadrunner as a bird of prey. Watching Roadrunner cartoons as a kid make me think of the bird as the one hunted, not the hunter.

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