Unusual Bee-havior

I’m not sure what he is doing? I noticed the yellow or orange sacks on their rear legs and thought it was a theramone thing that they use to mark the hive territory? I’m too lazy to do the research so what do ya’ll think?

This fella flew to the weed and hung on with his front legs and rubbed the sack and his rear legs over the plant….wierd bee-havior..

DSC_5350.JPGaa DSC_5351.JPGaa DSC_5360.JPGaa


7 responses to “Unusual Bee-havior

  1. She is collecting pollen (I say ‘she’ because only female bees work, the males just loaf around waiting for their once-in-a-lifetime chance to mate:). The yellow stuff on her legs is pollen that she has gathered and formed into a pellet for transporting back to the hive. The bees mix the pollen with honey to make bee-bread, which they feed to the larva. Pollen is their primary protein source. If you look real close at your excellent photos, you will see that the leaves of the plant have an almost microscopic yellow fuzz on them. That is the pollen. I think this is some kind of Bumble bee, stocking up for winter.

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