Two Bee or not to Bee….

That is the question, love them or hate them they are an intregal part of our ecosystem. I just happen to love them, but won’t stick my head in a bee hive or a swarm..;-)


DSC_4385.JPGaaa DSC_4391.JPGaa DSC_4518.JPGaaa


6 responses to “Two Bee or not to Bee….

  1. wonderful photos
    I love mine, and I have been thinking (and will do ) about getting a hive
    but I won’t be sticking my head in either well at least unprotected!
    Take Care..

  2. Beautiful shots of the bees (and love the title). I’m will to get pretty close to them to get shots like that. It seems like they are pretty occupied with the pollen and have little desire to sting me (or so I hope).

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