Sunday Stills: Something Hot!

I got luck and pestered my mum on Saturday morning for these shots while she was making Chorizo and Egg burritos…nice and HOT!

She is the best cook I know and I have been gorging myself the last few days on her fantastic homecooked food..:-)

First we have the heating element on the stove..


Then we have the spicy hot Chorizo ( Mexican Sausage)


And after you mix in eggs, peppers and tomatos you need the Salsa Verde, whick I let boil so that is deffinatly HOT!


And what breakfast is complete without homefries..


And finally the finished product.. FANTASTIC!!


Not to mention my B-Day dinner on Thursday night, chicken enchiladas, refried beans and mexi rice with the best queso dip..YUMMMM!

Thanks mom (DiBear)..:-))))

9 responses to “Sunday Stills: Something Hot!

  1. I loved cooking all the goodies for you sweetie. A few days of home cooking ain’t going to hurt after three weeks on the road!!

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