Sunday Stills: The Colour Green

Lots of green this week in my travels, most from Illinois where I am taking some time off to visit my dad. Its Saturday night and we are awaiting yet another winter storm that will hit tonight into tomorrow….YIPEE!!!!

IMG_2176I’ll start off with my favorite green thing, my CADPAT Boonie hat..

DSC_8106How about some quasi spring flowers…

DSC_8257Some soon to be real spring flowers..

IMG_2186Saturday for Breakfast we went to Cracker Barrel, home of the expensive cheapo Imoprts and pretty good food..

IMG_2188And of course I had to have a cup of tea so I brought my favorite green tea..Numi toasted rice. The only other green tea I like is the Gunpowder Green tea..

IMG_2146And last but not least thanks to wal-mart, only they could have a tee shirt featuring a drunken leprechaun puking a rainbow into a pot of gold while drinking a green beer.. I wonder how the Irish feel about this shirt????

11 responses to “Sunday Stills: The Colour Green

  1. You can take it from me re the T-shirt : not great!
    Funny, I love the frog too, dibear.
    Toasted rice green tea.. can’t imagine how that tastes! Is there any hint of Rice Krispie in it?

  2. Adorable frog!
    I must admit the t-shirt makes me laugh, but then I’m neither Irish (well, only about 1/64-part or something) nor catholic. 🙂

    Hope the storm doesn’t get too bad.

  3. What, no greenbacks? Your great grandfather Charlie would have enjoyed the ‘toon! Stay warm & stay safe.

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