Sunday Stills: The Letter F

This is an all point and shoot post for me this week. I kept it simple..:-)

IMG_1780Some Fire…

IMG_1784A Fork….


And finally some fabulous fabric…..

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15 Responses to “Sunday Stills: The Letter F”

  1. Nice choices for the “F” challenge. :)

  2. Nice! I love how you make the ordinary interesting by the way you make your shot.

  3. I like the flame in the oil lamp, the prongs make it look like it is surrounded by a crown.

  4. Simple and clever. Like Shirle said, the oil lamp reminds me of a crown.

  5. Oh I like that first shot..lovely:)

  6. SImple is good…..I like the fire…..I avoid fabric….it’s a horrible habit ;)

  7. Some nice shots! I like the “fire”!!!

  8. Yep…KISS…keep it simple stupid. So, what were you doing in a fabric store???

  9. Good ones. I really like that first one.

  10. Hmm the fork doesn’t do it for me but I really love the Flame and the Fabric!

  11. Good ones, I am fondest of the flame.

  12. You went fabric shopping? LOL Who’da thought. I love your shots, clean and precise!

  13. :) Ed …………. yeh, but neat :)

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