Flower Friday

Its time for a dose of spring colour, this week is from May 2011 in Champaign Illinois. While getting to visit my dad is fun in Champaign you can’t beat all the flowers and wildflowers in the spring…not to mention the other reason I like Champaign/Urbana…… see the last pic, it makes my mouth drool just thinking about it..:-)



Prepare to drool………..

IMG_2219Lil’ Porgy’s sliced pork sandwich with steak fries and a pickle….my favorite BBQ since 1981

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6 Responses to “Flower Friday”

  1. I am drooling to the first and second pictures ! :-p thank you very much for sharing those photos, great shoots

  2. LOL!!! I was so into the flower photos, the sandwich took me by surprise!!! They all look good!

  3. that sandwich does look nice, happy spring photos :)

  4. At last, you have shown your true passion! Lil’ Porgy’s! And there’s that wonderful sauce. Mmmm.Thank you for the harbingers of Spring.

  5. Lil’ Porgy’s sauce is the best!! Sure would like some here in E. Tn. :)

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