Macro Monday: Watch where you Step

Last evening I was looking for empty trailers in Kentucky when I almost walked into a head high web with a very cool occupant. Instead of freaking out I ran and got my camera and went to work. Its a pain in the butt to get a pic in almost total darkness, I had to spotlight the spider with my flashlight to get the camera focused in manual focus and used my remote to get a still pic. I ised an ISO of 500 and an f-stop of 2:8 with a soft flash. I thought the pic turned out pretty good….

7 responses to “Macro Monday: Watch where you Step

  1. Nice to meet you 🙂 I had a spider find me in a mail trailer and I was left with right foot in air for ten days and pain meds. I HATE SPIDERS NOW lol I can kill my own flies 🙂

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