The Guns of Chickamauga

In September of 1863 during the American Civil War 2 great armies converged just south of Chattanooga Tennessee in Northern Georgia at a place called Chickamauga which is cherokke for river of blood. Commanding the union forces was General Rosecrans and for the confederacy General Bragg. Over the next two days September 19-20 over 130,ooo men fought for the forests and hills of northern Georgia, when It was all over 40,000 men lay either killed or wounded from both sides, the union forces were routed off the battlefield but Bragg did not follow up his victory and in December the union forces came back and destroyed braggs forces at the battles of Lookout mountain and Missionary Ridge which overlooks Chattanooga Tennessee and sucessfully takes Bragg out of the war. Enjoy the slideshow..:-)

10 responses to “The Guns of Chickamauga

  1. As long as there is evil and greed there will be war. Great shots, the ones where you are looking down the barrel I can almost imagine the soldiers about to appear at the edge of the meadow.

  2. It is hard to believe how many men were killed…I wish they could have sat down at a tea table and discussed their difference and worked out their problems…I’m afraid America is becoming so divided that is is becoming scary as well…scary then and scary now in different ways for sure.

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