Sunday Stills: Vintage

Are ya’ll ready for some vintage “Heavy Metal”?

U.S.S. Alabama used from WW2 to the Gulf War

This is the U.S.S. Texas which served from the Spanish American war through WW2

The M2 Sherman tank, the mainstay of allied forces in WW2, then adopted by Isreal and used through the 6 day war.

Next we have something for my Canadian friends, a WW2 trainer used by the CAF..

And last but not least a real vintage piece, a 7pound “Parrot” gun used by Union forces during the American Civil War.

19 responses to “Sunday Stills: Vintage

  1. Why am I NOT surprised with your vintage choice. I love the cannon…..I thought maybe you’d include your lighter 😉

  2. Oh — I’m a very new reader, so didn’t know what to expect with the ‘heavy metal’ title in reference to vintage! Happy to find out what you meant and enjoyed your post very much !

  3. The old capital ships are such beautiful and graceful things. They also carry a rich history. We have a relative who served with the RCAF in WW2. The North American Harvard you show was the workhorse trainer for many of the airforces of the Commonwealth and the occupied countries: Norway, Holland, etc. FDR called Canada the “airdrome of Democracy”. Canada produced so many planes it fielded the 4th largest airforce in the world at that time . Nice memories and images, Ed.

  4. Great vintage shots! You weren’t kidding when you said heavy metal. I really like the lighting on the first shot!

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