UnBEARable Weather

Back to last Tuesday and the start of another zoo week on my blog. Last Tuesday was rainy windy and a bit chilly but still, any day at a zoo is a good one. So for today we have the massive kings of the north the Alaskan Brown Bear and the Polar Bear. The pics were not the best due to the rain on the vieving windows but not too bad..:-)

7 responses to “UnBEARable Weather

  1. Wow! The claws on that Grizzly are huge!!!!!!
    And that last photo almost makes those two polar bears look cute and cuddly, like a couple of cats playing around a tree.
    I’m glad you had a great time at the zoo. I love just sitting and observing the animals’ behavior for a long time. Sometimes my kids even let me.
    Hmmmm! That just gave me a idea for a homeschool science project!


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