Guess what I did Yesterday?

O.k. I’m in love with horseback riding, even if it was just trail riding on broke trail horses who are used to fat tourists and obnoxious kids riding them. I was’nt going to do this but I was going to visit the Tuckaleechee Caverns and saw the riding stables and saw an opprotunity to get some horse pics and pasture shots, well after talking to the guides who were busy getting ready for the day and meeting Pepper who took an interest in me and my camera I decided to go out for a 30 minute ride and it just felt natural and I can’t wait till I get back there again..:-)))

Just a note, I opted to not wear a helmet but I was offered one and next time I go I’m taking the 1.5 hour ride and wearing long pants..:-)))

12 responses to “Guess what I did Yesterday?

  1. Ha! Now you know why we love our horses so much! There’s nothing like the view of the world from the back of a trusty steed. The horses at riding stables and dude ranches I hold in high esteem; they are responsible for introducing many people, safely, to the joy of riding.
    As well as long pants, you might want to wear a boot with a heel, to keep you foot from going too far through the stirrup.
    Great to see you on a horse, Ed! Pepper looks like a nice boy.

  2. Way to go Ed! Spent a lot of my younger days on the back of my horse and sure miss it. Can’t do much riding any more with my bad knees. I’m glad you found a new hobby!

  3. That is so cool!!! I miss riding so much since my old horse died. I hear you on the shorts. I used to always be hopping up on a horse in shorts and you either blister your butt or get covered with sweat and hair. Glad you had fun.

  4. As much as I’d like to have a horse here at the Ellis Homestead, we just don’t have enough pasture for one. Sorry Ed. You look mighty handsome up there on Pepper. 🙂

  5. Yay!! So awesome, glad you enjoyed it – have to say I could hardly wait til I had time to read your post once I got your comment reply mentioning you went for a ride… was thinking “damn with Ed was a facebook friend so I could SAY SOMETHING!!” lol

    Pepper sure is handsome and that looks like beautiful territory for a ride. Have to say though, that I was going to make the same suggestion as Shirley. Footwear with a heel is a safety issue and I’d recommend a pair. You can get ‘riding sneakers’ or something like a lace up Roper, they’re riding safe and similar to a hiking boot.

  6. Look at you!! It looks like a nice horse. I’m glad you had a good time. Definitely, long pants and heeled shoes are a must when you go riding. And you should go with a helmet too just to protect your brains in case anything bad should happen, like rocks or a tree limb falling on you or something. lol.

  7. So happy for ya, Ed. Thanks or sending the pics to my e-mail. I’ve been away from blogging for a few days and I would have missed the big news otherwise.
    Others are right. You do look mighty handsome up there on Pepper.


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