Wednesday after the storm

The storm is over, kinda. I tried to move yesterday and only made it 10 miles before realizing it was a mistake so I stopped in a small town and watched the winds whip the snow all day. Now at 7p.m. the snow has tapered off and the winds have died down and the fridgid cold is coming, that I can deal with, so I’m heading to Lima Ohio then east to Warren Ohio for tomorrow morning. Ya’ll stay warm out there..:-)

6 responses to “Wednesday after the storm

  1. Oh my goodness! It looks like a white-out!

    Being that I don’t need to be on the road, right now I’d rather have the warmer temps. We’re down to -27 tonight! We’ve never been that cold up here. Today we barely got above zero and we’re having to haul hot water to the animals, through the snow up the steep hill to the barn twice a day, because the water buckets are frozen solid! I almost got frost bitten today after being out for about 30 mins. I got back in the house and it took an hour for my toes to thaw out. It was painful!

    I was excited tonight seeing that it’s supposed to warm up to 20 degrees by Friday. Isn’t that funny, that I’d be excited about 20 degrees? lol

    Safe travels,

  2. I’m so glad you’re such a good driver. The weather is bad here as well but it’s stay at home for P. I really do like the truck picture: somehow mysterious and threatening.

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