Sunday Stills: My Best Shots of 2010

What a year! 2010 was pretty good to me for pics, I’m sure there are others I did’nt include but these are my favorite/best ones of the past year. Anyone who knows me knows my favorite photography is Macro and Birds and Insects and the occasional landscape shots. I’ve included my bast dragonfly pic, my favorite day on the Tellico River in the snow and the Kayakers, a baby hawk, Osprey and an American Kestrel from Florida, and to end it all a pic of Spidey on a Bird of Paradise taken one year ago on January 1, 2010 to end the series.
Happy New Year everyone and have a great 2011!!!

21 responses to “Sunday Stills: My Best Shots of 2010

  1. I like them all for different reasons…

    The dragonfly, because of how incredibly difficult they are to photograph. The kayakers because you captured them at just the right moment, where it’s impossible for us not to hold our breath wondering what happens next.
    The waterfall for it’s stark beauty, but also because your use of black and white conveys the clear feeling of freezing cold.

    The mushrooms because you’ve captured their simple, yet exotic beauty.

    All three raptor photos because they capture a piece of the wild….and that second one deserves a place in a National Geographic magazine. Seriously.

    And finally, Spidey battling the Bird of Paradise…..because…well, he’s just so dang cool and makes me smile 🙂

    Nicely done! Thanks for a terrific year of Sunday Stills, Ed.

    Happy New Year from New Mexico!

  2. The dragon fly get my vote, followed by Spidey! Sorry to have been absent so much this past year, I hope to participate more in 2011. Wishing you a fabulous New Year Ed!

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