Animal Week Day6: Columbus Zoo

This is my favorite zoo in the country! Thay have fantastic primate exhibits and I could spend a week just photographing them and the staff there are the friendliest folks you will ever meet..

For this series we have a Lowland Gorilla, a female Bonobo, a male and female Orangutan and a Sun Bear for kicks. I hope ya’ll enjoyed Animal week…Ed

7 responses to “Animal Week Day6: Columbus Zoo

  1. Great shots. The Bonobo reminds me of an elderly lady I used to take care of years ago when I worked in a nursing home.

    I’ve never seen a Sun Bear before. They’re gorgeous!

    I’ve always wanted to go to the Columbus Zoo, ever since I was in awe of Jack Hannah. One day I’d like to just tour across the country visiting zoos.

    In fact today, we spent the day at the Rio Grande Zoo. Had a great time…tons of photos. 🙂


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