Some Artwork?

DSC_3870I finally got to get some pics of this unique spot near the University of Illinois. I was facinated by the colors and artwork these folks had left behind, kind of like modern day petroyglyphs. Hope ya’ll enjoy, I had alot of pics but chose the best..:-)

9 responses to “Some Artwork?

  1. I love ‘arty’ graffiti. These are great! I was admiring some from the train into the city yesterday. Talented people… not that everyone will share my view 🙂

  2. This is pretty cool. Had to believe I used to play around this area as a kid. My girlfriend and I would ride our bikes up here and play with the barn kitties. :):) No graffiti then.

  3. Over by the old beef farm? I’ll be honest, I’m not sure where you took those…guess I’m not that “local” yet!

  4. Umm. not sure what to say… so I will say…well, nice photo’s Ed. Not my cup of tea, but thats what makes this place great, freedom of expression…

  5. I got the Sunday stills problem solved, I will add it to my blogroll. Now on a more relevant note, I love the photos of the graffiti. I have always found it fascinating, and am now trying to “study” it in order to make my art a bit more flexible in lines and shape. Thanks for showing, and again I am inspired.

  6. i really like graffiti, i might go in search of some myself, pick my camera back up
    your photography is always, always, inspiring ed!

  7. Well I love the first photo, reminds me of me some mornings… any piece of artwork with another use for a bra gets my two thumbs up. We don’t have much graffiti up here..I do enjoy it if we are waiting for a train.. they are so talented, I wish I could just draw a straight line! 🙂

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