Sunday Stills: Lines

Well I could’nt decide on which one to post so here are all three, a cloudburst, a saguaro cactus and an abandoned train tressel.dawns-early-lightsaguaro-cactustressell-to-nowhere


29 responses to “Sunday Stills: Lines

  1. Love your pictures. lots of color which is nice at this time of year. We are so dreary right now, your pics made me think of better things to come

  2. That first one is perfect for a Sunday morning! The cactus is really interesting and I’d love to go for a stroll across the old trestle.

  3. I always find couldbursts so amazing to see, and I always have a diifcult time capturing them, I like how you got it in your shot!

  4. The first one is spectacular! And I love the second one, too! It’ll be summer before we know it!!!

  5. Ed, these photos are fabulous. I really love the first one. When I see that I always expect to hear God talk 🙂

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